The Emporium Kitchen and Wine Market just opened in Fort Collins

I was so lucky to be the chosen one to take this pictures of the new Restaurant in Fort Collins.

Every little detail was taken in mind and looks wonderful and delicious.

Here's a sneak peek of some of the dishes we took pictures ok.

Enjoy and Buen Apetito!

Olive and Nora - New little Sister in the Family -

It was the first snowy day of the season. And the first time these two little girls enjoyed a winter together. Olive was less than a week when we took the pictures.

We spend a full morning playing, reading and snacking.

This is a Winter day in The Rockies.

CorePower Yoga Instructor's Headshots

I am a big Yoga Lover. And this opportunity of taking pictures for one of my favorite spots in Colorado, was such a honor!

Each and every one of this peeps are great, loving instructors. And the pictures we took were wonderful.

The background was made by local wood artist Craig by Colorado Reclaim.

Colorado Reclaim by Jimena Peck

Colorado Reclaim is specialized in premium, handcrafted furnishings. Their business is located in Northern Colorado, where their materials are acquired and used in designing and creating all the furnishings. From barn wood to rusty metal, their design blends international flare with Colorado’s rugged roots.
I feel so grateful to be part of this creative community that keeps me awake and nourished everyday.

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Newborns sometimes make me want to have my own, only sometimes.

Newborns can be some of the most challenging photo sessions.

Parents are still little by little getting us to the little ones, the babies are starting to realize about the world and I am there in between: my camera, my big window and my props.

Most of the times it takes double the time scheduled, and I love it. I am all about getting the best images done, no matter what.

Phillipe was such an awake little guy that taking him to sleep took us more than expected, but when he did, it was so cute that it made totally worth the wait.

Here some pics of this wonderful family of three.

With Love,


Jimena Peck

Little Hallfi, Kris and Matt by Jimena Peck

I've been working with Kris and Matt since I moved to Colorado.

The first time I visited their office, Hallfi was just born and she was standing still next to a great window with the view of the Boulder Canyon covered with snow.

I figure she was gonna have a great childhood in Colorado. And she seems to do.

Non stop laughing was her motto for the session.

Matt and Kris were great as always.

Love this little Family!

Jimena Peck

JT and Family by Jimena Peck Photography

Red noses Family Portraits are my fave. Mostly because they truly represent our life here in The Rockies.

This was the first time J.T was playing with the snow. Isn't it great to have awesome pictures of these moments?

This is the main reason why I love Family Portraits.

With Love,

Jimena Peck