Colorado Horse Park - Mandy Porter for Mastermind by Jimena Peck

The Equestrian world holds a special place in my heart. Animals were a huge part of my upbringing in Argentina, and witnessing the deep connection between people and horses made a lasting impression on me. Working on projects involving people and their animals warms my soul. As I photograph the subjects, I get to catch glimpses of the intimate moments shared between humans and their companions. It is in these moments where I feel my photography becomes much more than taking pretty pictures. It becomes a venue for sharing emotion. I can look at a photograph, and recognise the feeling someone is experiencing for something they love.

I recently had the pleasure of collaborating with Mandy Porter., a show jumping professional and owner of ACP Enterprises. Mandy and her horse, Milano, took 1st place in the Front Range Kubota Grand Prix at the Colorado Horse Park this year. As the head trainer of ACP Enterprises, Mandy specializes in developing young horses to the grand prix level. While she is now based out of San Diego, she also travels the world competing professionally.

I had the honor of meeting Mandy and some exquisite horses at the Colorado Horse Park for a photoshoot. These gentle creatures can often come off as shy, but each one is filled with so much personality and spunk. I felt right at home at the stables, and was able to capture some sweet moments. Each horse is totally pampered and adored, each stall complete with their own stuffed animal. Mandy was also in her element, of course. Her warm energy and close connection to the horses made my job easy. While she is considered one of the top show jumpers on the West Coast, she is still playful and kind with these amazing animals. Her knack for actually knowing her horses is what makes her a champion.

I always feel so refreshed after spending time outside with horses and their folk. I hope to have more projects like this in the near future.