Colorado Horses and Yoga Photography | Jimena Peck

As someone who grew up in Argentina, I had the privilege of interacting with plenty of wonderful horses. Working on Mind.Body.Horse with Carrie Fraser and Courtney Mulica made me feel right at home. I met Carrie through a collaboration I did with Lululemon, for whom she is an ambassador. She is an extraordinary yoga instructor and equestrian, who also assisted in the development of Yoga2Life (a coach training program). Courtney is the co-founder and  go-to consultant for helping the business tell their story, implement strategies, and cultivate genuine connections.

With an immense amount of heart, passion, and energy, Mind.Body.Horse eagerly launched in 2018. It is a platform, both online and in person, dedicated to fitness, flexibility, and mindset conditioning for equestrians. They are committed to bringing the benefits of yoga to the equestrian athlete. It was amazing to encounter such a holistic approach to connecting with the horse. Strengthening the bond between rider and horse, as well as the link between rider and her/his own breath and body is sure to have a profound affect on performance. 

I am so thrilled to have been invited to partake in the development of this inspiring and progressive undertaking. I had so much fun photographing/recording these ladies and her horses.

One of the Jessica Greer Dressage horses, Harley, and I really hit it off. He was being uncharacteristically affectionate toward me, and I was having a blast capturing his stunning demeanor. I later found out that he is actually from Argentina...which I probably could have guessed all along. We are two Pampeanos living the life in the rockies. Probably both missing home, but finding homies wherever we are at.

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