Cornejo & Firfina - Traditional Shoe Makers in Buenos Aires | Jimena Peck

The art of Shoemaking in Argentina. 


Leather is an icon in Argentina. The leather industry is said to be older than the foundation of the country itself (its first exports to Europe were made in 1790). What is the secret behind Argentina's incredible leather? It's the perfect combination of ideal natural conditions, deeply rooted traditions in the treatment/tanning methods, and a substantial basis of people dedicated to the design and manufacturing process.

The vast grasslands and weather conditions of Argentina have enabled excellent conditions to raise cattle. While many people enjoy the meat delicacies, I find the leather component a fascinating art form. In years past, people sought to find the trendiest styles for the cheapest price. Recently, more people seem to value creating their own unique style, and purchasing well-made or hand-crafted products. 

Firfina is a traditional shoemaker in Buenos Aires. They are one of many Argentinian upcoming startup companies that uses high quality materials and customary techniques to make leather-goods.

Their shoes are hand-crafted in every sense of the word. The leather is sourced from suppliers who traditionally tan the leather. The creativity, attention to detail, and craftsmanship make the products authentic and totally unique. 

It is reassuring to know that art forms such as shoemaking and leatherwork will not be lost in the industrial age. Getting a hands-on perspective to everything that goes into creating such products was humbling and captivating. I hope you enjoy the pictures of Firfina in her element.


This is the Argentina I know, believe in and love with all my heart.