Daniel Gray's Sourdough Bread - Fort Collins hidden Gem by Jimena Peck

I love good bread. Maybe it's the European roots on me...or perhaps it's growing up with amazing bakeries on every block in the streets of Buenos Aires, but I have no problem indulging in a good loaf of bread. 

The wonderful Fort Collins-based chef, Daniel Gray, makes the best bread in town. A Colorado Native, Daniel is a CSU graduate and has worked in multiple restaurants here in Fort Collins. Not only does his bread have a perfectly crunchy crust and beautiful hole structures, but many of the flavors a locally forged. We went on a foraging day and then spent several hours in his kitchen baking.

He finds creative ways incorporate different aromas, textures, and even stamps, of plants found nearby. Smoked crimini, yellow dock, sunflower seeds, wildflowers, and peaches have all made appearances in his loaves. As a fermentation scientist, Daniel uses all natural levain as well.

Picking up a loaf of Daniel's bread is one of the highlights of my Farmer’s Market morning ritual.

As a community, we are truly lucky to have this alternative to commercial bakeries and grocery stores. It is no wonder he seems to sell out every fricking Saturday.