Sweet Paul Magazine: Denver based Flax and Twine studio and craft by Jimena Peck

Living in Colorado for several years has allowed me to create a network of fellow photographers. I love getting to reconnect with people I have previously worked with, and always end up learning something new to add to my toolkit.


A few months ago, my photographer friend, Rebecca Stumpf, invited me to help out with a project photographing book content for Flax and Twine. I was happy to help out, and compliment the stylistic techniques she used.

A few months later, I was contacted to photograph Anne’s studio and projects for a special feature in the Sweet Paul Magazine’s Winter issue . I got to work on assignment again, this time with Anne, the sound and hands behind Flax and Twine.

Screen Shot 2018-12-09 at 13.08.44.png

I am a lover of yarn, textiles and every DIY project. So, photographing Anne’s art was a dream. It is always a pleasure getting to know creative folks like herself, who pour their love and soul into their craft. Through this project I also got to work again with Natalie Warady, who is a super talented and contemporary stylist.

Sweet Paul Magazine curates wonderful content for foodies, crafters, and homey folk. They are an awesome team, and I am thankful for the opportunity to have worked with them.