Fort Collins entrepreneurs: Libby Lyons by Jimena Peck

As an entrepreneur, I understand how overwhelming it can be to organize ideas and take those small steps in order to create a bigger picture.

From my experience, creative minds really benefit from having a grounding and structured perspective on their ideas. This is where someone like Libby Lyons comes in. Libby has worn many hats in her life; her background makes her an invaluable coach- especially when it comes to business or yoga.

Hanging out with Libby is a bit like spending the afternoon with Wonder-woman. I loved hearing about all the projects she is involved with...from being an Ambassador for Lululemon, to coaching some of the most wonderful entrepreneur woman in town, to what it means to be one of the city's favorite yoga instructors, in a city were you will find a yogi under every stone.

I had a blast taking these pictures for her. She is both compassionate and fierce, and I think that is evident in these photos. Capturing Libby in her element was effortless. Whether she is on the mat, in the office, or somewhere in-between, she exudes a sense of growth while keeping it fun and light.  

You can check her out on her website


You can find her teaching classes at

Meraki Yoga Studio & Mindstream Yoga