Lakehouse Denver - Lifestyle and Interior Photography by Jimena Peck

It is no secret that Denver's housing market has boomed over the last couple years. While the availability of houses might be declining, there are new development projects for condominium and row home residences.

I have a deep appreciation for real-estate companies that strive to maintain the historical essence of a place. The Sloans of Denver, a development underway on Sloan Lake, is doing just that. This company is taking several measures to ensure sustainable construction and historical preservation. The early beginnings of Sloan Lake go back to 1861. A farmer, Thomas M. Sloan, dug a well. The well tapped into an aquifer, and eventually spread to what we now know as Denver. In 1892, The Poor Sisters of St. Francis of opened up Saint Anthony's Hospital on the south shore of Sloan's Lake. As the area became more and more populated, the hospital expanded and eventually outgrew its original location. The old hospital and its location are a beacon of inspiration for the new Sloans Denver development. 

While most of the hospital itself has been demolished, the chapel and a few other builds were left intact for repurposing. The new buildings will be certified through the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI). IWBI focuses on how buildings, and everything in them, can contribute to comfortability, healthful choices, and enhancing health.

I had the opportunity to photograph the neighbourhood surrounding Lakehouse 17.  I teamed up with Justine from HDSF Branding and got to learn more about the intention and plans for the space. The idea is to create a more community-based place with retail, recreational activities, and an emphasis on wellness. It will showcase a town center with a farmers market, restaurants, and easy access to natural areas.

Photographing the neighbourhood was seamless. THE WHOLE TEAM made a huge effort, including the Creative Director, Justine Descollonges, from HDSF ( San Francisco) who travelled all the way from the Bay Area with a growing belly,

Natalie Warady, the stylist, has an amazing touch.

The hair and makeup were done by Katelyn Simkins...she totally nailed it. 

The effort put in by all these POWERFUL ladies made my job much easier. I am excited to share these photos with you, and see this development come to life!