Mandara Spa Fort Collins & ISUN | Commercial Photography by Jimena Peck

There is a feeling you get when you speak with someone who truly embodies the nature of their products and services.

In a world where everyone seems to have the next wellness "fix," it can be hard to discern who is just trying to sell you something from who cares about helping you achieve health. What I really appreciate about Mandara Skin and Body Spa is the authentic commitment to helping people feel vibrant and beautiful- on a soulful level.

If you get the chance to meet Laura Hughes, Mandara's founder, you will instantly recognize that feeling of witnessing passion in action. Not only does Laura glow, but she has created a breathtaking space for people to come heal and be themselves.

When Laura and I met first met to discuss how she wanted move forward with her business, I felt so humbled. She reminded me how fortunate I am to be selective about who I work with.. .I get to choose my clients based on how their intentions align with the work I do. 

There was already so much genuine energy and beauty within her business model, and now it was my job to help translate and capture it through photography.

My approach has always been to work with the remarkable preexisting elements of someone's work, and create something visually relatable. The visual story of Mandara was already there- nothing was fabricated for the shoot. Nothing was staged for me.  From the natural light, to the real services, real ingredients, and real people,

The entire team at Mandara is wonderful. They are skilled professionals who share a common desire to be of service for healing and harmony within the community.  

Mandara Spa is tucked away in the heart of Old Town Fort Collins. When you walk in, the muscles in your body instantly relax- the space is both dazzling and tranquil. It is adorned with amazing wood accents, all hand crafted by Craig Hughes - Colorado Reclaim woodartist -. You will also notice all of the wonderful's an elixir of all the phenomenal products used (and maybe the sweet smoke of sage or palo santo burning).

One of my favorite natural beauty products, ISUN, is used and sold here. They are hand-crafted, high performance, alchemical creations made with pure wildcrafted and organic plant ingredients here in Colorado. WOW! All the nutrients and life-force of the plants are kept intact by their cold-processing and energy enhancing techniques. Have a look and try them if you can. They are worth every penny. 

Nowadays It is so easy to overlook self-care. I am very thankful that Fort Collins has this place for people to come unwind and nourish themselves.

As a constant client of Mandara I always leave feeling not only blissful, but empowered and ready to take on life. 

I felt I was able to fully illustrate the moments

and wholesome nature of the space.