Peaceful Pad - Vail Interior Design Photography

There is nothing better than settling into a cozy mountain home after a long day skiing or playing outside. The mountain home vibe has been taken to the next level by Kelly and her interior design company. PeacefulPad is an online interior design firm located in Vail, CO.

Kelly has curated an amazing online store where you can purchase items to revamp your home. Products from companies such as Jivaapoha, an Ayurvedic home and beauty store, are available on her site. In addition to her online firm, she has expanded her services for those who would like their homes designed and furnished in Vail.

I had the chance to spend the whole day with Kelly, and photograph one of her projects in town. The home I photographed was mesmerising. The style was both modern yet rustic, classy yet cozy. She has an amazing eye for vintage design. Peaceful Pad is a lifestyle. It entails creating a home that is both aesthetically appealing and zen. Kelly embodies her vision in all aspects of her life- from being a mother to a badass business woman.

As a Denver-based photographer, I am thrilled to have mountain towns so accessible. They characterise the elements of thrill and comfort within Colorado culture. I’m looking forward to seeing what else is in store for Peaceful Pad!