Denver Real State Photography

Decatur Point Denver for The Wall Street Journal by Jimena Peck

If you have driven through Denver over the last few years, you've may have noticed the construction sites and huge cranes towering alongside the city's downtown area. Many of these projects are the assembly of high-end, contemporary apartment buildings. The different complexes host a variety of amenities- something for everyone. Everything from rooftop dog parks, bowling allies, heated infinity pools, restaurants, billiards tables, to community kayaks, bikes, ski storage, and dog washing spas. These new apartment structures cater to their resident's interests and create a sense of community. 

These common areas were actually one of my favorite parts of the complex I had the opportunity to photograph. Working with The Wall Street Journal, I got a firsthand look at Decatur Point Denver. This vibrant and cosmopolitan community is nestled in the charming Jefferson Park Neighborhood. I really appreciated the emphasis on the communal areas.

As a person who grew up in a city like Buenos Aires, I know by first hand that apartment life can feel a little too cozy sometimes. The readily available spaces for people to work, play, exercise, or just relax outside of their apartment fosters a place for people to connect.

I am honored to have worked with The Wall Street Journal. This project highlighted my unique photography style- natural, clean, classy. The assignment went hand-in-hand with my brand, capturing the youthful, contemporary, and energetic Colorado lifestyle. 

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