The Emporium Kitchen and Wine Market | Fort Collins | Jimena Peck

I feel so fortunate to have been chosen to take the pictures for the new Emporium restaurant in Fort Collins. Of course, when I heard they serve wine and cheese platters, it was a done deal. 

Fort Collins has been said to have one of the highest percentages of restaurants per capita. This creates healthy competition, which hopefully will lead to a wider selection of good, local, and hand-crafted food options.

The Emporium Kitchen and Wine Market offers a place for people to come and actually savor incredible food. In addition to the restaurant, they offer wine-tasting and I've happened to found some special Argentine grapes. The space is vibrant, welcoming, and is a wonderful addition to a community who values intimacy and connection. While Old Town already boasts dozens of breweries, bars, and is a beer connoisseur's galore...the Emporium is a fresh space and showcases an eclectic wine market. The atmosphere brought me back to the heart of Argentina, where meals are enjoyed slowly- with good company and a glass of quality wine. 

As a foodie, I was totally blissing out during this shoot. Every little detail in these dishes was taken into consideration. The sense of effortlessness and simplicity were met with divine flavors and textures. The passion with which the dishes were creating definitely attributed to how brilliant and delicious these pictures turned out. I had a great time collaborating with these folks, and would highly recommend checking it out!

Here's a sneak peek of some of the dishes we captured.

Enjoy and Buen Apetito!