STK Denver Restaurant: Food Photography by Jimena Peck

STK is a brand of restaurants that is part of The ONE Group Hospitality that artfully fuses dining with night light. From Milan to Las Vegas, STK distinguishes itself by showcasing both an exquisite menu and world-class service. I had the opportunity to take pictures for their Denver location. Many guests would agree that stepping into STK Denver is like spending an evening in New York…it isn’t your typical Colorado Steakhouse.


Located in the LoDo neighborhood of Denver, it is close to other nightlife and entertainment. It was voted one of the best Steakhouses in America by Forbes, and I could definitely see why. The flavor profiles and presentation I photographed were spectacular, and that is coming from a vegetarian. While they specialize in fine dining (seriously, they offer chocolate and raspberry donut holes with Foie de Gras chocolate sauce), they also host a DJ and “social hour.” It is a great spot for special occasions or private parties- both trendy and and decadent.

Thanks to the crew over at STK for their wonderful service and energy for this project. Their style is sleek, classy, and down right mouth watering- totally fun to photograph. I am happy with how the pictures turned out, and think they reflect the brand. I love working with all things food, and these guys did not disappoint.

Thistle and Mint: Denver's Personal Chef Experience by Jimena Peck

If you sit down for a meal and start to ponder the origin of its ingredients, it can become a convoluted web that is nearly impossible to untangle.

Fortunately, more and more people are becoming conscious of where their food comes from, and taking the time to understand native foods in their area. Thistle and Mind Food is a company dedicated to doing just that: They are a Rocky Mountain personal chef and catering service.


They host everything from secret dinners to weddings, all the while showcasing Colorado’s exquisite foraged foods. I was so excited when the young couple contacted me about this shoot. I knew bringing their personalised chef experience to life would be a special project.

Based in Denver, Jarod and Olivia, the chef couple cooks exclusively with Colorado-based ingredients.


Imagine hosting a private dinner party, with a menu item such as: Rocky mountain oyster pâté with buttermilk green chile, mustard greens and sumac on an oyster mushroom cracker! Their dishes and combinations completely blew me away. The level of creativity and care put into each item was unmistakable.

I am grateful for the intention behind Thistle and Mint. The more people interested in local farms, sustainable agriculture, and farm to table preparation, the better off our communities will be.

Thank you to the Thistle and Mint family for letting me capture your magic at work! I know it is hard working creating something so unique and eco-friendly. We have already taken more photos of their upcoming fall menu and rebranding.

The up-and-coming couple can be hard to track down. Their events tend to be exclusive, so stay tuned for the awesome new menu!